What is WEBCON?

The advancement of information, computer and telecommunication technologies enable the public to have access to satellite/aerial imageries and other geographical information of any place around the world at any time. The big question now is - "what comes next?"

In order to promote students and young scientists activities, Asian Association on Remote Sensing (AARS) has organized an annual web contest, codename WEBCON.

The main objective of the contest is to promote the development of web applications which may give us an insight or vision of the future pertaining to web related geoinformation science services. Any students and young scientists who are younger than 35 and have registered to the Asian Conference on Remote Sensing (ACRS) can nominate their web materials to WEBCON.


WEBCON1 - 5th October 2011, Taipei
WEBCON2 - 27th November 2012, Pattaya
WEBCON3 - 22nd October 2013, Bali
WEBCON4 - 28th Ocotober 2014, Nay Pyi Taw
WEBCON5 - 20th October 2015, Manila
WEBCON6 - 19th October 2016, Colombo
WEBCON7 - 25th October 2017, New Delhi
WEBCON8 - 17th October 2018, Kuala Lumpur

Contest Rules

Following are the rules to participate in WEBCON8:

Students and young scientists who are less than 35 and have registered to ACRS can submit their proposals and preliminary works to the WEBCON Secretariat. WEBCON is open to individuals or teams composed of a maximum of up to 3 people.

After the initial evaluation of submitted proposals, applicants will be invited to the contest for competition. The contestants are required to bring their laptops to demonstrate their web materials and wireless internet connection will be provided by the organizers.


Winners will be selected by a panel of members from AARS Council, ACRS Organizing Committee. The judges will evaluate the works according to the following criteria:-

i) General utility and importance of output;
ii) Scalability and elegance of design;
iii) Clarity, efficiency and portability of implementation; and
iv) Originality.

Prizes Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards with certificate of commendation will be awarded to winners.


Your proposal (in Microsoft WORD or Acrobat PDF format) should include the name, affiliation, country, date of birth and e-mail address of every team member and the following items:-

i) Title of the web material;
ii) Design concept and purpose;
iii) Outline of the web material: brief description of system requirement, framework, scheme or functions;
iv) URL: The typical part of the web material should be accessible for evaluation. (If not, you may provide a set of files which can be viewed by the web browsers.); and
v) Other helpful information.


Please send your application with subject heading [WEBCON8] by 15th September 2018 30th September 2018 (extended) to the emails below:-
i) Secretariat - paperacrs2018[a]remotesensing.gov.my
ii) Chair, ISPRS Student Consortium - sherylrose.reyes[a]gmail.com

Please contact Ms Norafiza Sahlan - paperacrs2018[a]remotesensing.gov.my